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When the Beauty Bug was a baby, she loved to go through women’s purses. I always hear stories from my Mom and my Grandma about how they had to keep me about from women’s bags or else, before they knew it, I had dumped the contents out. Well, now that the Beauty Bug is a 20-something year old young lady, she, of course, doesn’t go through womens purses, but she may notice what brands and products people are using if she’s in someone else’s bathroom. Some of the best product suggestions happen that way. In fact, that’s how she was made aware of Pacifica. She smelled the Hawaiian Ruby Guava body butter, and the smell just stuck with her – she couldn’t forget it and she wanted to know more about the brand!

The Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter is divine. Its holistic formulation delivers intense lasting moisture through shea and mango butters, chamomile extract and safflower, almond and essential oils. The scent is delicious, and The Beauty Bug is so excited about it, that she’s been carrying it around with her the past day for everyone to smell.

As I’m sure you’ve surmised, The Pacifica experience is about the fragrance. Their exotic scents are unique to the brand and include Pacific Red Ginger, Mexican Cocoa, Tuscan Blood Orange, Carribean Sugar Pumpkin -the list goes. Their line of products include hand poured soy candles and vegan soaps, and of course, their paraben-free body butters. You really know these scents have to be something special if The Beauty Bug likes them because she rarely if ever strays from anything vanilla. Today she’s at home surrounded by mounds of tissues, orange juice, and her Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Candle and it’s really quite soothing and perfect. Pacifica talks about Aromacology (the ability of fragrance to affect ones mood) on their website, and even with this god awful cold, The Beauty Bug has remained in good spirits.

Ladies, Make sure you check out Pacifica, I guaranteed you will be as impressed and as addicted as The Beauty Bug is.

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