Feed Your Feet to the Fish…

I love reading about beauty practices across different cultures.ra1257813882.jpg

I came across a story today that wanted to share it with you. It concerns the women of Singapore, their devotion to all things relating to beauty, and the great lengths the spas go to bring new treatments to their clients. One of these new treatments involves little fish nibbling off the dead skin on your foot during a pedicure. How does that not tickle?!

Another treatment common in Singapore is a procedure that entails “plucking out your natural brows and then drawing strands of hair back using a pen-like device that injects ink under the skin. The result, patrons say, looks more natural than a tattoo and better than Mother Nature.”

Intriguing, isn’t it?

If you’re interested in reading the entire article, you can check it out here.

*Photo from Reuters

2 Responses to Feed Your Feet to the Fish…

  1. Rene @ Blog for Beauty

    Yup, it’s called Eyebrow Embordiery, or however you spell it! My friend had it done and it looked great, but I would never dare as it looked PAINFUL!The price of beauty, huh! ;)

    (Never heard the one about the fish, though.)

  2. The Beauty Bug

    I thought of you Renee as I was typing this post and thought you’d be a good resource on this topic. Hope you’re feeling better!

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