Justin or Cameron?

Ladies, I hesitated posting the photo below because the Beauty Bug is not wearing any makeup, *GASP*. She doesn’t like to look at photos of herself anyways, but a photo of her without any makeup – forget it, it’s that much worse. But, She had such a good time in New York, and she wanted to capture the moment, so She just went with it.

Here’s the Beauty Bug and the Beauty Bugs’ Boyfriend at Rockefeller Center.


Right after we took this photo, we were approached by an US Weekly representative to take a poll. The poor girl, well dressed in a bright green pea coat, must have been very low on the totem pole to be stuck outside in the cold all day. She set the scene – a Golden Globes after party. Apparently there was a run-in between Cameron and Justin after she caught him flirting with Jessica Biel. After seeing this Cameron proceeded to scream at Justin in public for 45 minutes. The US Weekly rep needed to poll 100 people to see who they thought was at fault.

The Beauty Bug’s conducting her own poll – who was wrong – Justin or Cameron?

P.S. The Beauty Bug conducted a mini poll of her own – the US Weekly rep had GREAT lashes – her secret,  Lancome’s Fatale Mascara.

5 Responses to Justin or Cameron?

  1. Catherine

    I triple-heart your bloggie. A beautiful journal by a beautiful girl! I hope you don’t mind if I link you?

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Thanks SO much Catherine, and of course I don’t mind if you link me.

  3. Bill S Preston Esquire

    What a handsome young man in that picture? Did he sleep in the chair with papers on the floor?

  4. kia

    hi beauty bug! nice to “meet” you. what an adorable couple you two are! gosh i have to post pics on my blog, it’s much more personal.

  5. The Beauty Bug

    Thanks Kia! I really don’t like that photo and don’t see it as a good representation of the real Beauty Bug, but it’s ok. And Yes! Post more photos of you on your site – bring them on!

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