Review: Alba Moisturizing Cream Shaves


When it comes to beauty and skin care, the one and only thing that The Beauty Bug doesn’t splurge on is shaving cream. She’s thought about it. She’s looked at brands such as Whish, but just never could justify spending $32 for shaving cream.

So, not willing to pay the big bucks for some new shaving cream, but at the same time looking to expand her shaving cream repertoire, The Beauty Bug found herself in the organic section of her local supermarket – after all, we all know that natural and organic skin care and makeup is going to be huge in 2007. She was drawn to Alba Moisturizing Cream Shave because of the scents, Mango Vanilla and Coconut Lime. Hemming and hawing, she finally bought the trial size of the Mango Vanilla and called it a night. Here’s a bit about the product:

Features and benefits: This hydro-active cream provides ideal protection against drying and chafing, while maximizing absorption of water, to lift and soften unwanted hair for effortless razor glide, thus reducing the risk of nicks, cuts and irritation. Formulated for men and women.”

The Beauty Bug got in shower and proceeded to use the cream, and was immediately disappointed at the strength of the scent – it was barely there. Perhaps this is because this is meant to be unisex, but nonetheless, She was dissatisfied with the faint fragrance and its lasting power (or lack there of). She squeezed some out of the tube ( she purchased the travel size) and began lathering it on her leg, thinking to herself, I’m not going to have enough product to shave both of my legs. Confused, she looked at the directions on the tube and it instructed to apply a thin, transparent layer. She may as well be using soap she thought to myself, because a transparent layer of this cream is that thin.

Overall, The Beauty Bug’s experience with this cream was unsatisfactory. She thinks it stems from the fact that she’s used to using extremely thick and foamy shaving creams and gels. The Beauty Bug is forgiving though, she’s willing to give the brand another try , she wants to try their Aloe Mint Foam Shave. You really can’t go wrong with anything with mint in it.

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