Test Tube #2

It’s always a happy day in the Beauty Bug household when she receives her Test Tube. The Beauty Bug grows quite anxious and excited – She’s consumed by anticipation during the days leading up to the Test Tubes’ arrival. She tracks its every move from the second it leaves until the second it arrives. And last night, it finally arrived. She was a little nervous about the box sitting in the cold weather for most of the day, but all was well when she opened it and she was able to experiment with them all right away.

New Beauty really out did themselves with this Test Tube – it really still amazes The Beauty Bug that She gets all of this goodness for only $25. There are so many products that they couldn’t al fit in the actual Test Tube. In addition to all the products listed, I also received a small sample tube of Yu-Be, the famous Japanese vitamin enriched skin cream. Word is this is great for cold season – rub a little on your nose and your skin won’t peel. Too bad I didn’t have this last week.

Look for reviews of the Test Tube products in the coming weeks, and if you have your own Test Tube and have already began using the products, let The Beauty Bug know what you think.

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