Review: RoC Resurfacing Facial Peel Kit

solo_prod.jpgThere’s nothing better to do on a Saturday night then to sit at home and experiment with your latest and greatest skin care product. Right? I’m glad that we’re all in agreement.

Tonight I tried The RoC Resurfacing Facial Peel Kit that came in my Test Tube. I was eager to try this out because I’m a sucker for masks and facial peels, and RoC is a solid brand. The kit comes with the the resurfacing peel of course, and the post peel nourisher. The peel works to resurface your skin, removing dead skin cells and other buildup to give you a smoother, healthier, more radiant look. Ultra micro-particles – gentle polishing beads – accelerate the remove of dead skin cells, while active enzymes gently resurface your skin to reveal a younger-looking, rejuvenated you.

The Beauty Bug carefully read the directions twice, and then went for it. She was made sure not to massage the thin layer of peel into her skin -this was a bit tricky because when you think about it, anything that’s cream based we tend to rub into our skin. Almost as soon as She applied it, she began feeling a tingling. According to the direction, this was good. “You many feel a slight tingling or tightness. This is a sign that the product is working.” She left the peel on for a good 10 minutes, and then, as instructed washed it off and applied the post peel nourisher. She washed it off, only to reveal a pinkish/red face that was more than tingling, but did look brighter and felt very soft and smooth. She examined the little pamphlet that came inside the box to see if it said anything about redness.

Tip: Everyone’s skin is different. So, for the first time use, you may wish to leave the product on for 5 minutes to see how your skin adjusts to it.

Oops. This was an important oversight on the part of The Beauty Bug. Since her skin tends to be a bit sensitive, she most definitely should have left it on for 5 minutes and 5 minutes only because as She sits here and types this to you, her skin is still pink, bright but pink. A glowing pink.

With all that being said, I have a high hopes for this product because even though I left it on too long, I saw that my skin was softer, smoother, and most of all brighter. With continued use, it promises to smooth fine lines and even out your skin tone. I look forward to trying it again, and will of course report back.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Tomorrow I’m off to the Ex.Tracts Show in NY, so look for a recap early next week.

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