Not Just Any Chocolate For Your Valentine…

love-kit.jpgLadies, Valentine’s Day is only about 2 weeks away – now is the time to drop that not so subtle hint to your Valentine so you know you’re getting the gift that you want. Maybe you’ll have your friend make a “suggestion” or you’ll accidentally leave a certain web page up so that special someone would see it. Just do whatever it takes to make sure you get this Shea Terra Organics Love Kit exclusively available at The kit is, which contains 4 Fair Trade Chocolate products, is a steal at $30.

When The Beauty Bug received the kit the presentation was so lovely She didn’t even want to open it. It comes in a lovely red and white polka dot organza wrap with tassels. Trust The Beauty Bug when she says that it makes quite the impression. She finally got over the presentation and couldn’t wait any longer to open it. Inside was every chocolate lovers dream:

* Dark Chocolate Cocoa Bean Shea Sugar Scrub
* Nubian Milk Chocolate Shea Body Cream
* Madagascar Vanilla Shea Lip Butter
* Dark Chocolate Bar from Divine Chocolate Company (partially owned by
African cocoa growers)

The Dark Chocolate Cocoa Bean Shea Sugar Body Scrub, which is made with organic dark chocolate liqueur, is the reason I’ve been late to work everyday this past week. It’s a dark fudge scrub and when I use it, it takes me back to the days when I used to make brownies with my mom and she’d let me lick the bottom of the bowl. I remember not being able to resist sticking my fingers in the batter. And every morning, I can’t resist reaching for scrub – a second, and third time. It’s just that good.

The Nubian Milk Chocolate Shea Butter Body Cream is different than most shea butters on the market. It has a unique chocolate mousse texture that looks and smells like chocolate frosting. The smell is truly intoxicating and it lasts throughout the day. This skin softening cream contains 30% shea butter, goat’s milk, chocolate liqueur, cocoa absolute and a vanilla infusion.

The Madagascar Vanilla Shea Lip Butter and the Dark Chocolate Bar from Divine Chocolate Company complete the kit.

B-Glowing is only offering this kit for Valentine’s day, so move it or lose it! And since it’s only $30, make sure to check out their entire Valentine’s Day Boutique, there’s lots more goodies!

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