Diary of a Laser Patient

My dear friend, The Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter, is so savvy. She’s always on top of the latest and greatest products and treatments. She’s someone everyone should have in their life.

Recently, she had a LaserLyte Peel, and tracked her progress in a diary for us. The Beauty Bug will be posting the installments of her diary over the next few days. Without further ado, here is the Diary of Laser Patient straight from the Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter’s Mouth…

About six months ago, I was cruising along the Massachusetts Pike heading to work when I noticed something horrible that nearly made me pull over into the brake lane and cause several accidents… whatever. Looking back at me in the harsh daylight of my rear view mirror was something awful/heinous… something my mother told me would happen (she is a ray of sunshine)…. and something that would most definitely keep me from my dreams of wedded bliss (or finding a normal man without facial ticks) — I had developed wrinkles around my eyes. Not just the type of wrinkles that when you squint at your girlfriends and say “I’m getting so old — woe is me — tee hee hee” — knowing all the time your skin is still looking firm and lovely. I’m talking wrinkles like: “Hi — my name is (blank) — I’m a single spinster, living with six felines and my ass is the size of a mack truck. Get out of my way ass wipe while I shove two twinkies into my face at once.”

So I decided to take charge, be “proactive” and do something about my aging face and booked an appointment at supposedly one of the best plastic surgeons in Boston as voted by Boston Magazine for what they billed as the LaserLyte peel. Now the LaserLyte peel is supposed to be a lighter version of the more harsh, difficult to recover from facial laser peel using the erbium yag laser. Recovery from the tradition treatment with the laser can take upwards of a month. Now, since I’m not independently wealthy — this chick can’t afford to take that much time off from her day job. The LaserLyte peel is supposed to only leave you with three/four days of down time — and it is still supposed to be effective. The difference is the depth to which the laser penetrates the layers of the skin. More traditional lasers — like the erbium yag laser penetrate 300 microns — this Laserlyte peel goes down to 90 microns. So after plunking down 2500 dollars on this treatment — I am expecting something to give me hard core results. The initial consultation is 250 dollars and none of this cost can cover the actual surgery (unlike most doctor’s offices). The following is a diary of my experience and I’ll provide updates in my progress as needed.

…stay tuned for Day 1.

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