Diary of a Laser Patient – Day 1, The First Night

scream_munch-m.jpgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! What did I do? Dear Lord, I know that I have been a fresh pot at times — but my face feels like it was seared in a frying pan. And worse yet, my eye feels like it is being jabbed my a giant hot needle(s). Not feeling like a pleased patient, I find the emergency number and ask someone to call me back about — first and foremost — my eye, which was an unexpected feeling of pain. Three hours later at 5 am the DOCTOR calls back and says that I might have scratched cornea as a result of the disks placed on my eyes. I knew it! That bastard scratched my eyeball when he stuck those disks into my eyes. I knew that he was treating me gently and something was awry and here is my proof. What a bastard. Anyway, he was apologetic and asked me to come in the morning.

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  1. kia

    beauty bug!! seriously!!! what the hell! a scratched cornea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am appalled! find a second doctor so that the first one can’t do more damage!!! they make it look so painless and easy on tv. =(

  2. HomeSpaGoddess

    Why did he have to put something in your eye? Was he putting the peel on your eyelid? How come you could’t just wear some of those tanning bed goggles?

    And metal? Why not soft plastic or rubber?

    So sorry. Hope you feel better:(

  3. The Beauty Bug

    Thanks so ladies both for your concern, but this all happened to a dear friend of mine, The Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter. Start reading from the first installment and you’ll see!

  4. kia

    sorry beauty bug, lol sometimes our eyes see what they want to see. i jumped right in at I..I.. I… (first person writing) lol.. i’ll read more carefully next time!

  5. The Beauty Bug

    No need to apologize Kia – you’re silly! Just wanted to clarify :)

  6. HomeSpaGoddess


    Well is her eye okay now? This story made my skin tingle…..

    Her skin had better be perfect forever after that:)

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