Corn Oil is NOT the new Botox

For those of you who are Botox obsessed, let this article be a lesson to you to be diligent and do your research before you have any sort of procedure done! Although this article is nearly a month old, its’ shock value hasn’t lessened.

This is an excerpt from the USA Today article:

“SALINAS, Calif. (AP) — A former beautician who injected cooking oil into a client, killing the woman as a result of the botched anti-aging procedure, was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Martha Mata Vasquez, 39, injected Mazola corn oil into the buttocks of clients claiming the “French polymer” treatment would reduce wrinkles. She charged up to $1,400 for each procedure, prosecutors said.”

The women who got the injection died from multiple organ failure; the oil caused a fat blockage. One has to wonder what each woman was thinking. Not to place any of the blame on the patient because she obviously didn’t deserve to die by any means, but didn’t she wonder about this because injecting yourself with cooking oil isn’t normal. I’m just really so shocked at the sheer stupidity of Martha that I’m at a loss for words. What’s wrong with people?

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