Diary of a Laser Patient, The Final Chapter

So, finally this real life soap opera comes to an end. The Beauty Bug wants to thank you all for your concern for her friend. To answer all your questions, yes this really happened to a friend and co-worker of mine, and yes she was out of work for a week because of her scratched cornea, and yes and doctor was only a tad bit concerned. Her eye ended up healing in 4 days after a lot of drops and ointment, but was it all worth it? Was it worth the $2500? Here’s the final verdict:

So here I am looking into a compact mirror and inspecting my wrinkles very closely. $2500 dollars later, I don’t see any improvements that I can point to as a result of the laser procedure. The skin around my eyes is not tighter, my face still has blotches from the sun and I actually have a bump under one of my eyes that I never had before (just lovely). My advice: stay away from the laserlyte gimmick, I mean peel. It’s a supreme waste of money and you might also get a poke in the eye as well.

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  1. HomeSpaGoddess

    OMG. $2500? and no real improvement? OMG.

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