Review: Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Intensive Mask

Last Sunday The Beauty Big had no patience for the Super Bowl (not that She ever has any patience for football), so She just did what She’d do on any normal Sunday – apply a mask,relax and do a Sudoku. Since She’s having a bad problem with severe dry skin, She went to Sephora and asked for a sample of the Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Intensive Mask because She’s used and really liked the HyrAction Deep Hydration Defense Fluid.

She applied the mask to Her face and wasn’t pleased with the consistency – it was that of a cream or moisturizer and it felt like She should be rubbing it into Her face, not applying it as a mask. The consistency also made to hard to tell if She was applying enough of it, and if the product was evenly spread. When done with the application, she grabbed her Sudoku book and prepared to wait 10 minutes as the directions instructed. After 2-3 minutes of waiting Her face began to itch and She did all She could not to focus on the itiching and think about something else, but the itching continued. After 7-8 minutes of waiting, she licked her lips and tasted something odd. She hadn’t put lip balm on, She was sure of that. The Beauty Bug ran to look in the mirror and she noticed that the mask was literally melting on to her lips. There was barely any white product left on her face, it had all sunk in/melted.

With only about 2 more minutes to go, The Beauty Bug joined Her Boyfriend in the living room for the Half Time show, but was unable to sit and watch it because her face was too itchy. She ran to the bathroom to wash it off.

The sample remains in her bathroom, never to be used again…..

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