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sand_the_sea_030-355x276.jpgIt’s always refreshing to be able to take a break from the big name in your face brands, and experience a niche brand that often times falls under peoples radar. It’s like going to see an independent film after you’ve seen nothing but summer blockbusters – it’s just a breath of fresh air. Scuba Bath’s Shops products are just that, a breath of fresh air. All of their products are hand made with the freshest ingredients, and each fragrance (all of which contain the The Beauty Bug’s favorite, vanilla) is more exotic than the next. One whiff, and you will be transported to the beach.

The Beauty Bug tried the Whipped Kiwi Sugar Scrub in Isla Dolce, The Cocobee Balm in Sugarcane Lemon, and Casa de Coco Cayman Coconut Cream. The website says that the Whipped Sugar Scrub is a house favorite and She can certainly see why. It’s very light and airy, and goes on smooth and leaves a light layer of moisture and softness on the skin after use. The Beauty Bug has a similar Mario Badescu scrub in her shower (it’s specific for the face, but serves the same purpose) and prefers the Scuba Bath Prodcut. The Sugar Scrub smells more natural (Badescu’s smells somewhat artificial), and the Sugar Scrub has a better exfoliating agent yet it just as gentle as theirs. The fragrance is addictive, and every time The Beauty Bug smells is, she smells something different – something sweet and delicious.

The Sugarcane Balm and the Cayman Coconut cream are delish. Both are nourishing, moisturizing, packed with Vitamin E, and perfect for winter skin. The Cayman Cream smells like a Pina Collada infused with vanilla. If The Beauty Bug has any extra cream on her hands, She takes it and runs her hands through her hair and it tames the ends.

All products are available on The Scuba Shop website, and range from $6-$16.

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  1. Catherine

    I have a burning question, and I wonder if you can help before I spend like 17 bucks on another trial/error:

    I have normal skin, but it gets pretty (really) dry, and I’m 38, so I want to start using something anti-aging. The moisturizers I have typically used are effective, but are heavy enough that they bug me, feeling heavy and slickish – enough so that I can’t apply face makeup afterward without feeling certifiably gooey.

    I also do not have all the money in the world :P.

    Do you know of anything you think would be a relatively sure bet for me?

  2. Catherine

    Um, that was not the smiley I meant. I meant the sort of eye-roll-y one.


  3. The Beauty Bug

    Catherine – I’ll answer your questions in a post tomorrow night! Stay tuned.

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