The Beauty Bug Stands Alone

There’s so much ado over Lancome’s Proenza Pink; in makeup junkie terms, it’s the new Black Satin. But for once, The Beauty Bug can officially say that there’s a buzz-worthy product that she doesn’t want (a light shade of pink just doesn’t work in her complexion). She really doesn’t know how to handle this because it’s something that she’s never experienced. She won’t have to scramble to get on as many waiting lists as possible, she won’t have to scour Ebay, and she won’t have to worry. What an odd feeling. The Beauty Bug never thought this day would come.

To all Her fellow Beauty Bugs, good luck! The Beauty Bug be taking a back seat on this one.

2 Responses to The Beauty Bug Stands Alone

  1. kia

    i thought the same thing of the barbie collection at MAC, until i kept seeing the advertisements all over the place =(

  2. Toya

    Don’t worry, I’m not jumping on that particular ship, either. I just know that would look chalky and horrid on me.

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