Imagine this – you yearn for a perfect product that doesn’t exist and then, one day, POOF! Your husband has it engineered and created for you. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Enter Whish Body Products.

If there was ever a brand that the Beauty Bug could identify with, it’s Whish; a charming, sassy niche brand that makes stylish, luxious shaving products. After all if stylish, charming and sassy doesn’t describe The Beauty Bug to a tee, then She doesn’t know what does!

The Beauty Bug was recently introduced to Whish, and she tried their Shave Creams and Shave Savours.The shave creams are absolutely out of this world – just imagine shaving with lighter, fluffier, whipped body butter. Yes, it’s that good. The creams promise a closer shave with a smoother result, and they definitely deliver. They come in 3 delicious, unique scents including pomegranate, and lemongrass, and almond. The Beauty Bug had a hard time deciding which was her favorite – it’s a tie between lemongrass and pomegranate. If you can’t decide either and want to try all three scents, go for the Mini Shave Crave.

Additionally, for a delightful post-shave experience Whish has added Shave Savours to their line. The Savours are an aftershave treat filled with high-end ingredients including pomegranate oil, sage, cucumber and peppermint that soothe and nourish your skin. They are in between a gel and liquid, and are lightly scented and absorb almost immediately.The Savours really complete the Whish shaving experience and make for the happiest of endings.

Whish Shave Cream; $32, Shave Savour; $28.

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