Greetings from Your Old Friend Definicils

The Beauty Bug loves it when an old friend resurfaces and comes back into Her life!

You’ve heard The Beauty Bug’s spiel before – She likes to experiment and use different products – she basically has this “She can never get enough” mentality. Can you blame her? But, at some point, there’s always that product that you end up going back to. Your old stand-by.

This past week the Beauty Bug opened a new tube of Definicils that she’s had for sometime now, but it was almost as if She re-discovered it all over again. The feeling that overcame Her can be compared to the feeling that you get when you randomly find money in your pocket. She had forgotten how smooth and easily it went on, and especially, how much length it gave her lashes.

Sometimes it takes something like this – a little break from using a product – to really know how good it is compared to the rest.

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