Oscars by Numbers

Keeping with tradition, the Beauty Bug presents Oscar by Numbers,and for the record rachelweis_grani_12902794_400.jpg – She was quite underwhelmed and for the most part, unimpressed.

3 – The number of Beauty Bug Approved (BBA) dresses – Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lisa Ling, and Jada Pinkett (not crazy about the color though)

4 - The number of times The Beauty Bug smirked and thought about Abagail Breslin thinking back on her choice of dress and laughing – sort of like the way you do with a year book photo. The Beauty Bug really had hoped she would win.

8.5 – The number of times The Beauty Bug was creeped out by Nicole Kidman – she looks artificially perfect – like she’s a wax figure or something. Just unnatural.

1 – Best makeup – Rachel Weisz. The Beauty Bug will forgive Rachel for her dress selction, and just focus on her makeup. She was just absolutely flawless – beautiful lipstick and the perfect accompanying eye makeup.

10 – The number of times The Beauty Bug commented that Helen Mirren looked better than most women there – women half her age.

5.5 – The number of times The Beauty Bug was distracted by Ellen’s white patent leather tuxedo shoes.

17 – The number of times the nominees in the Best Supporting Actress Category thought to themselves “A former American Idol contestant just robbed me of an Oscar.” Yes, I think we’re all a bit sick of Jennifer Hudson – The Beauty Bug sure is.

2 – The number of women wearing particularly unflattering dresses; Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Too Many to Count - The number of women who could have been potentially named worst dressed. Where do I begin? Kirsten Dunst? Anne Hathaway? Jennifer Hudson and her neck accessory from Alice in Wonderland? Meryl Streep? (when does she look good?) Cameron Diaz? Jennifer Lopez?

8 Responses to Oscars by Numbers

  1. Jess

    Can we say that Beauty Bug has no idea what real beauty is. Rachel Weisz looked fabulous.

  2. Lydia

    I totally agree with you about Nicole Kidman. Wow–lay off the botox for a bit. Being able to show emotion is really important. She looks like a robot. So sad. :(

  3. The Beauty Bug

    Jess my friend, Touché! The Beauty Bug was always taught that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, if you like her dress, good for you.

    If you read The Beauty Bug’s post carefully She says the Rachel looked beautiful, but that the dress wasn’t working for her. The color washed her out, and the broach just wasn’t right.

  4. Toya

    Wow – we disagree a lot on this one. I thought most people looked good and was in love with Rachel Weisz’s dress and Kate Winslet. I thought Gwyneth looked nice, if uninspiring.

    And I’m not at all tired of Jennifer Hudson.

  5. Bill S Preston Esquire

    Jess don’t be haten on the bug…you jealous

  6. Ted "Theodore" Logan

    Whole lotta haterade-drinking goin’ on up in this piece.

  7. Anna

    Lots of opinions here. What about Reese Witherspoon? She looked absolutely fabulous. I couldn’t quite figure out what color her dress was. Was it a deep purple or a really dark blue? What are people’s thoughts on this one?

  8. Catherine

    I nearly always dislike how Nicole Kidman looks. She’s so severe!

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