There’s a Beauty Editor in all of Us

Who ever said blogging was easy? The Beauty Bug puts time and effort into every post She writes, and strives to bring Her readers the most accurate information possible. But She often wonders, is this product working? How will She know? Of course there are other factors that come into play when reviewing a certain product, but the bottom line is The Beauty Bug doesn’t care if it’s in a jar or a pump or if it’s a serum or a moisturizer -as long as it works then She’s happy. She often wonders what criteria the famed beauty editors at Lucky and Allure use, because surely they have a knack for picking out the best and most effective products….or do they?

The Beauty Bug recently picked up this month’s issue of Lucky and immediate flipped to the beauty section to read what revered Jean Godfrey-June had to say. Talking about the new and impossible to get IS Clinical Active Serum, here’s what she had to say:

“Each tingled as it went on – the Active at night and Hydra-Cool for the day – that ‘I can feel it working thing.’ “

“I can feel it working” – sound familiar ladies? As the Beauty Bug read this, She breathed a sign of relief and smiled. She’s not really sure why this struck her as it did, but it was refreshing. She knew there was a reason that she liked Jean Godfrey-June right from the beginning – she’s down to earth, simple, and just like one of us. Clearly, there’s a beauty editor in all of us.

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