Yes to Carrots!

The Beauty Bug must thank her Mother, The Beauty Queen for her healthy eating habits and her love for vegetables. While her favorite is broccoli, carrots are a close second so it’s only natural that she was attracted to this new skin care line, Yes to Carrots. Yes to Carrots, an Israeli skin care line, is one of the many new skin-care lines now being sold at Walgreens. The packaging is simple and clean, and the message is clear – products packed with dead sea mud and beta-carotene.

carrots_large1.JPGThe Beauty bug found these products and their ingredients to be very interesting because up until now, She thought that eating carrots improved your vision – She had no idea that beta-carotene, which is found in orange fruits and vegetables, has anti-aging and anti-oxidant powers. The Yes to Carrots products also include Dead Sea Mud which has boasts some pretty amazing scientific data – it’s been scientifically proven to have a profound beautifying influence due to its’ natural exfoliating agents which act to purify, moisturize, and energize the skin. Not to mention, it’s believed that the most beautiful woman in the world, Cleopatra, built the world’s first spa on the banks of The Dead Sea to reap the benefits of this special mud.

The Beauty Bug received an assortment of products, and first tried the and shampoo and conditioner. Both are very mild, gentle formulas that blend Dead Sea Mud, carrots, pumpkin, melon, and honey. The Beauty Bug was curious about the scent (as nutritious as carrots are, The Beauty Bug would prefer not to smell like them), which is very subtle and delicate. It’s hard to make out the specific notes, but it has a light, sweet, clean fragrance. The Beauty Bug especially liked the conditioner because She found it to be moisturizing. She always finds herself reaching for the conditioner for a second time, but with this conditioner, the first helping proved to be enough.

She also tried the Facial Mud Peeling Cleanser, a soothing cream-based cleanser with natural apricot scrubbing particles. Before trying the cleanser, The Beauty Bug really didn’t know what to expect from its name. Was it going to have a mud base? Was it going to be more like a peel than a cleanser? She soon found out that the answer to both of these questions was ‘no’. As aforementioned, it’s a cream based cleaner, formulated with Dead Sea Mud, carrot juice, and contains apricot exfoliating agents. The Beauty Bug finds that either you’re a foaming cleanser girl, or a cream cleanser girl and rarely cross the line – but if you’re on the cream cleanser side, chances are you’ll like this formula. It’s unscented, and soothing, and leaves your face extremely soft. The apricot particles are very fine and not at all abrasive, allowing for everyday use.

The entire Yes to Carrots line is available for purchase at Walgreens and at

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  1. Meg

    Great review! I love that this is available at Walgreens (high quality natural ingredients should be available to everyone!) and I can’t wait to try the cleanser.

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