Let the Beauty Bug Give it to you Straight….

Fun Fact about the Beauty Bug – She has naturally curly hair that she straightens everyday. She has the straightening process down to about 20 minutes (give or take a few if she uses a flat iron). She used to alternate between straight and curly, but since She’s letting her hair grow a little longer than usual, She’s been wearing it straight for about a year now.

Straight styles are always in – whether it be in the form of a cute short bob, or long flowing locks. As we saw at this years Oscars, the right-now trend is straight flawless smooth hair. Let’s take a second to forget about the dresses (The Beauty Bug has already blocked all but Reese’s out of her fashion memory for obvious reasons), and look at Gwenyth’s, Reese’s and Nicole’s hair. They have achieved perfect straight hair, have they not? 235405.jpg

So, how do we (and by we The Beauty Bug means all of us who don’t have the privilege of a personal hair stylist) achieve this? It’s really easier than it looks. Try Oscar Blandi’s Straightening Balm. There are endless straightening products out there, and The Beauty Bug knows because She has tried them, but She really likes this one because it minimizes your blow-drying time by penetrating into your cuticle. She conducted a little test this morning after applying the product to Her damp hair and it shaved 6 minutes off her blow drying time. The Beauty Bug never claimed to be a math whiz, but that’s more than 25%! Now, that may not sound like a lot when you first hear it, but The Beauty Bug was impressed. That means 6 additional minutes to sleep, or struggle while applying her liquid liner on top, or more importantly, 6 more minutes of the TODAY show.

The other great thing about this Straightening Balm is that doesn’t weigh your hair down. Immediately after applying, the Beauty Bug was able to easily run her hands through her hair and separate it into sections to blow-dry. After Her 14 minute blow-dry her hair was smooth, silky and soft, and smelled great!

Oscar Blandi Straightening Balm is $19 and available at Sephora, Fred Segal, Jeffrey New York, The Oscar Blandi Salon and Nordstrom

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  1. Ana

    It’s so smooth and pretty. You can always buy it on Ebay for cheaper, but I would definitely buy it if your hair is ethnic or curly. It’s amazing.

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