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The Beauty Bug has said this before, and She’ll say it again – everyone needs The Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter in their life. She’s tried every product under the sun, is well versed in skin care and the key, crucial ingredients, and in Her past life She worked at Sephora as a makeup artist for Vincent Longo. The Beauty Bug secretly wishes that She could leave her job and start her own business with The Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter…She digresses.

The other morning The Beauty Bug read about a new Obagi eye cream, Elastiderm, that was recently unveiled at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting. This new technology promises to help replenish elastin and rebuild collagen and is backed by numerous clinical studies. Knowing that The Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter is a big fan of Obagi, The Beauty Bug emailed her to see what She thought.

Beauty Bug: What do you think of this? The Beauty Bug thinks she needs to try it.

Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter: OKAY, this is NOT a good eye cream. I used it for one month and it did nothing for me. It is waaay over-rated and a perfect example of how a company can be wonderful with certain products and highly disappointing with others. Yechh! If you do want to try, I have almost a whole jar (I use eye cream sparingly) that I can certainly pass along.

As you can see, there’s no gray area with the Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter  – this is probably why The Beauty Bug and She get along so well.

Here’s some other food for thought that the Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter provided:

The Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter: Luminizers/highlighters are one of the subtle wonders of makeup artistry — and not heralded enough in terms of what they can do to radically change a person’s makeup. Thoughts?

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  1. kia

    hi.. i am in love with shimmers and bronzers, etc. as I’ve posted on them recently. I like the look it can give to your skin to give you a healthy, vibrant and radiant look.

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