Benefit Nipple Tint?

The Beauty Bug just returned from a very unexciting lunch (today she brown bagged it and attempted to do her evil sudoku, only to be interrupted by a chatty intern) to this IM from her friend VAMP:

VAMP: Did you hear about Benefit’s Benetint- being sold a Sephora and elsewhere as a nipple tint??? That’s just crazy insane.

Before we go any further, read the full story here.

WHAT? The Beauty Bug re-read the IM to make sure She was reading it right. And to make matters worse, VAMP has signed off. The Beauty Bug reached for her cell phone to find VAMP’s work number, but no sooner had She picked up her phone, when She realized that VAMP had emailed her. Oh, how we love our Vamp.

Yes, there has been a recent influx of risque branding and spicy, daring product names, but if you ask The Beauty Bug marketing this product as such this is taking the category one step too far. The Beauty Bug would really like to hear from someone (who is not a “dancer”) who feels the need to use this product as a nipple tint on a daily basis. This is just something that She can not wrap her head around. Furthermore, wouldn’t it get your bras dirty?

Oh Sephora, why did you have to follow the trend? Why couldn’t you just market it as the popular cheek tint that it is?
UPDATE: An anonymous reader commented and clarified a bit – she said “Ummmm – you guys are all a little confused.  Here’s the deal:  When the 2 sisters who started Benefit were just starting their business, an “exotic dancer” asked them to create a nipple tint to enhance her … Thus was born “Benetint”.  It then became hugely popular as a lip and cheek tint (Its too orangy red for my pigment-less lips).”

The Beauty Bug got that – so it’s just a marketing issue now. To market as a nipple tint or not….

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  1. Catherine

    My nipples have no trouble achieving their less than demure shade of rosieness at the, *ahem*, appropriate occasions, all on their own.

    On the other hand, I have no real objection to this marketing, really (I am a writer and otherwise avid proponent of an entity doing whatever it feels like, while noting that it’s rarely in a business’ best interest to go extreme or be patently offensive. Not that this would qualify as that). I would however like to see them use a different packaging scheme for the stuff, when aiming it in this racier direction.

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