The Estée Lauder Mascara Promotion That Wasn’t…

eblast_r31.gifThe Beauty Bug recently received an email from Allure and Estée Lauder, as well as a postcard in the mail both offering her a free sample of Estée Lauder’s new Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara. She has tried Estée’s mascaras in the past, and wasn’t really a fan, but thought this one could have potential. Wanting to get her samples before they ran out, She went early this morning to Her local Macy’s and approached the counter with her postcard. She handed it over to the lady at the counter, who inspected it like it was a legal document of some sort. The lady told the Beauty Bug someone was just going to go in the back get it and it should only take a minute. Five minutes went by. When the fifteen minute mark was approaching, The Beauty Bug kindly asked her post card back and said She would just try another Macy’s. The lady told Her that they just must have not received the samples yet.

Having executed many direct mail campaigns herself, The Beauty Bug was thoroughly unimpressed and a bit baffled. There’s not much to running a promotion like this – determine the offer, design the postcard, print the postcard, send it out, and the last and most important step – make sure the stores have the product. A big brand such as Estée Lauder should be able to execute this promotion without a hitch.

She next made her way over the Clinique counter to check out Fresh Bloom clq_6l2701_158.jpg collection. This particular counter only had 2 out of the 4 Allover Colour compacts in, so, The Beauty Bug was a bit disappointed. She saw the Posy, and immediately deemed it to dark for her pale complexion, and next tried the best-selling Peony. The Peony is a deceiver. All the photos the Beauty Bug has seen of it makes it look lighter and softer than it really is. While it is a very pretty color combination, the Beauty Bug was hoping for a paler, dewier, quieter pink. Perhaps on Her next time shopping trip at a different Clinique counter, she will be able to see the full line of the Fresh Bloom and actually try them.

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  1. Tam

    I’d have to say that it might depend on who you go to at the counter itself. Lauder does usually have a “decent” sample program but they send the samples to the stores about 4 months before the promo. By then the samples might have been given out randomly before the promotion, especially if the counter manager doesn’t have control over her counter.

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