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If you haven’t figured it out yet, everything in The Beauty Bug’s world (including her opinions) tends to be black and white – rarely is there a gray area. So here’s what She’s feeling strongly about today:

Groomed Male Eyebrows – There is a happy a medium between having a big furry uni-brow and perfectly groomed eyebrows. Straight males shouldn’t have flawless eyebrows. The Beauty Bug doesn’t care if you’re a metrosexual. It’s just not right. Leave that to the ladies. Sure, pluck them, wax them, have the barber trim them so they don’t get really long and curly, but don’t make them look like a female’s brows.

Even the Eyebrow Shaper (is that what you call her?) at the Anastasia NY boutique in Sephora agreed. While The Beauty Bug was there, a rather prim and proper man walked by with absolutely impeccable eyebrows. Immediately after he walked by, the lady looked at the Beauty Bug and whispered, “would you believe that he’s not gay!” She then went on to say that she would never want her boyfriend to look like that, and The Beauty Bug fully agreed. There’s only room for one perfect pair of brows in a relationship. Do you agree?

Product Pimping; Revisited - To start of this sound board, The Beauty Bug will refer back to a post written on the Pierce Mattie Blog site – it’s a very complete how to guide for publicists to approach bloggers. Following that post, the lovely Shannon(who wrote the piece) from Makeup Minute commented and said the following:

Thank you for the compliment on my post. I’m not technically in public relations per say, even though I am a blogger for Pierce Mattie, but I am really a beauty blogger.

That article came as a culmination of getting so many products on a weekly basis from individual companies and being approached by PR firms. Some were professional, while others were beyond ridiculous and I wondered how in the world their products did well in the real world. I decided someone needed to tell everyone how it should be done. Hopefully there are other PR firms and brand companies out there that read it and apply it as protocol for their marketing strategies.”

This could not be more true. Speaking from her own professional experience, The Beauty Bug expects that the publicist will treat Her as he/she treats any other client and show Her respect. As the article says, don’t send out mass emails that have a very impersonal feel to them. And more importantly, be receptive and acknowledge when someone has written something positive about one of your products. Even a simple email that just says “Thanks!” to build a relationship is sufficient. It boggles the Beauty Bugs mind when She writes about something at the suggestion of a publicist, writes the publicist to inform them of it and never hears back, and then receives another email from the same publicist with more suggested topics and information. Thoughts on this?

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  1. Catherine

    Yes, I agree! In fact, not only could I not agree more, but I really wish straight guys would only judiciously groom their other body hair as well, and not rid themselves of most or all of it. Doing that is actually one of the few relationship “deal breakers” that I have.

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