The Barbie Vanity


There has been much ado over the MAC Barbie Collection. Lots of products are sold out, and the first day the collection launched MAC sold out of the actual Barbie. The Beauty Bug loves how MAC brought the theme to life – the branding, the packaging, the point of purchase materials and the window displays are genius and of course, eye catching. The products, on the other hand, The Beauty Bug could live without. They aren’t very wearable, and most can be matched up to an existing MAC product that’s not limited edition.

The Beauty Bug sent her Boyfriend on spy mission to take the photo posted above so She could share it with you. She knows that you normally aren’t allowed to take in-store photos, so She let him do the dirty work.

How cute is that vanity? The Beauty Bug almost went in to ask if She could buy it – but it wouldn’t even fit a quarter of her products.

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