Do You Relastin?

The Beauty Bug does – but She hasn’t seen results. It’s that simple.

002lg.jpgRelastin Eye Silk, a hot product amongst beauty bloggers, has been making headlines for 2 reasons; for its’ supposed dramatic results, and for the company’s indirect, deceptive “free trial offer”. This falls under the category if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. On the Relastin site consumers are led to believe that the free trial offer is a one time offer where only shipping charges are incurred. Their faulty business practices have been written about time and time again – but of course the catch is, you must cancel your order within a month or your credit card is charged. As She types this, The Beauty Bug smirks because it’s as if she’s writing about a magazine subscription or something – not skin care products.

But bottom line, The Beauty Bug isn’t seeing any results. She had high hopes for this product, but it’s been about a month now, and She’s not impressed. The Beauty Bug will continue until her bottle is empty, and hope for some measurable results but as of now, She’s not part of the 82% that have seen visible results.
Do you Relastin?

2 Responses to Do You Relastin?

  1. barb17

    I totally agree with you abut their deceptive policies. I did not have problems with them but I also have heard many stories. I would not recommend it because of that. Because I am older (!!!) than the B B (!) I view the product differently. I think that it has made a little difference but I also think that I like it because of the texture and I love the way it feels when I apply it. I use a vitamin E cream also and I think that it makes a difference. Keep the good info coming- I read you every day!!!!!!!

  2. askrelastin

    Our goal at Revance Therapeutics is to have the best customer loyalty program in our category. As a result, we count on feedback from customers and industry experts to make continuous improvements to our offerings. In fact, we have designed an all-new subscription program for our most loyal customers, which we will make available on the website in early April. We are excited to launch a loyalty program that is very easy to understand and to use, as well as being the most convenient and economical way to purchase Relastin products.

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