Sedu Revolution Iron

The Beauty Bug is having a good hair day. No She takes that back. The Beauty Bug is having a great hair week and it’s all because of the new Sedu Revolution Hair Ionic Styling Iron. For the Beauty Bug, it is the straightener of all straighteners

Prior to receiving the Sedu IronShe has never splurged and bought herself a quality hairdryer or straightener. She knows, She can’t believe it either! She’d purchase her hair dryers and straighteners at CVS or Walmart, and they would burn out after a few months. It got so bad that Her step-father would suggest that people buy stock in the particular brand of hair dryer because She was buying them so frequently. But, She need not worry about these technical issues anymore with the Sedu.

Of course the Sedu name carries a lot of clout – they are the known for their top of the line styling tools. Knowing this, the Beauty Bug had high expectations for this iron.

sedurevolutioniron.gif After using the Sedu Iron

While the Sedu iron is extremely versatile and allows for wavy and curly styles as well, The Beauty Bug loves it for its’ straightening powers. Because The Beauty Bug never excelled in science, She won’t even try to break it down for you because She really doesn’t even understand herself. All she knows is that it works extremely well, and uses all sorts of breakthrough nano technology and tourmaline ( a semi-precious gemstone known for its negative ion properties). She especially likes the iron because it doesn’t snag or pull her hair, and leaves it very smooth and shiny WITHOUT ANY FRIZZ. She’s able to run her hands through it all day. It heats up very quickly when She’s in a rush to leave in the morning, and it’s lightweight and durable.

The thing that sets this iron apart from the rest is that it styles as well as straightens. Additionally, The Beauty Bug was able to achieve this straight, shiny hair without any product. Get it now in time for summertime, so you won’t have to worry about humidity!

The Sedu Revolution Nano Tourmaline Hair Styler is available on for 129.95.

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