Dear Beauty Bug

A Beauty Bug reader wrote in and turned Her on to another brand of straighteners used in very exclusive salons in Boston, such as Emerge Spa and Salon, and G2O Spa and Salon; anyone from Boston will recognize these spas instantly. The brand is GHD. Leave at comment or write to The Beauty Bug if you’ve used any GHD products.

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  1. rebecca

    well since i live in the UK [where GHD is the hottest hair tool around!] my boyfriend bought me the Special edition Hot pink GHD’s for my birthday and they are the best straighteners i have ever used in my life, just one stroke on your hair and its poker straight and lasts all day and through the night [make sure you use a heat protection spray though!] but yeh they are amazing he paid $230 from an american website because they all sold out here and the black version is just the same but i loved the hot pink colour

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