Givenchy Eye Fly Lash Extender Mascara

The Beauty Bug went shopping with The Plastic Surgeon’s Daughter on Saturday. The PSD picked up Givenchy’s Eye Fly Lash Extender Mascara. Here’s her review…

There’s a lot to be said for a pretty face; the world opens up to you more easily. Men open doors and people listen in rapture when you speak. Well, in the case of beauty products, having pretty packaging is the equivalent. The shiny object catches your eye, you flirt with the idea of picking it up in your hot little hand, and the seduction begins. But just like a pretty face with little substance under the surface, the hot fires of seduction can reduce to a smoldering ember if there is nothing behind the slick packaging of a beauty products. I”m happy to report that in the case of the Eyefly mascara, customers get beauty and brains (efficacy). The product comes in a slick but rectangular tube that is at once minimal and elegant. It mirrors the elegance of a Chanel product, but is slightly less pricey. And it works — although I have to admit the first time I used this I wasn’t all that impressed. But after several rendezvous with eyefly, I’m hooked. The consistency is creamy and easy on the lashes. It separates and defines and my goodness, does it lengthen. Simply put, it does it all. And does it all in style.

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