Is there Tar in Drugstore Mascara?

Calm down, the short answer to this is no.

Now, let The Beauty Bug explain.

The Beauty was shopping at Sephora this past weekend, when She struck up a conversation with the store director whose lashes were wing-like. They were fuller and longer than any lashes that I’ve seen before, and extremely dense. After asking her what mascara she uses, (she uses Fresh Supernova Mascara) the conversation progressed, and The Beauty Bug asked her opinion on one of her favorite drug store mascaras, Max Factor’s Volume Couture (which was just named the editors pick in InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys). The store director warned The Beauty Bug that drug store mascaras are formulated with tar, and cause lashes to fall out.

That thought stuck with The Beauty Bug. She googled and researched and found nothing, so She decided to go straight to the source, The Beauty Brains. She emailed the ladies, and the Right Brain responded. See her response below.

We love these stories about how salon/specialty store products are better than mass market products. If you compare the ingredients you’ll see that many of these brands use similar, if not identical, ingredients.

So how did this rumor about tar in mascara get started? It could be because “coal tar” dyes have been used in permanent hair colors. But these chemicals are not approved for mascara.

So you can rest assured that Revlon, CoverGirl and the other drug store brands do not contain tar that will make your lashes fall out. Thinks about it – MILLIONS of women use these products. If they did make your lashes fall out we’d have entire cities full of bald-eyed women!

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  1. Lydia

    Great post! The whole “tar in the mascara” story sounded a lot like an urban legend, so I’m glad you did the leg work to get to the truth. I kinda dont want to know whats in a lot of the makeup products we use–its probably like knowing what’s inside a sausage! :) At any rate, i’m glad to be using tar free mascara when i use Great Lash!

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