Joey New York Specialty Quick Lunchtime Peel

2130132.jpgThe Beauty Bug loves masks like she loves Fendi Bags – She will never have enough of either (although if She ever gets a Spy Bag – that may be enough. OK, maybe not). She was sent the Joey New York Specialty Quick Lunchtime Face Peel and upon opening the package She smirked at the name – although she wasn’t exactly sure of what it meant, it was catchy and cute.

The mask is a clear, sticky gel that smells like raspberries. The directions state to apply a thin layer, and let it dry for 15 minutes. After using it twice, the Beauty Bug found that a little goes a long way with this mask; the key is applying it thinly and evenly and not real close to the hair-line or brow-line. The application can be a bit messy and sticky, but that shouldn’t deter you from using this product.

As She applied the mask, The Beauty Bug felt a slight tingling and her eyes began to fill up with water just a bit – that’s how She knew this mask meant business. After letting it dry for about 15 minutes, The Beauty Bug tried to find a good starting point under Her chin to begin to remove the mask. This part of the process tool her back to her elementary school days when She used pick off the access Elemer’s glue on her hand. In a weird way, she enjoyed it.

The mask peeled off in one piece and The Beauty Bug felt as though she was a reptile shedding a layer of skin – it felt really satisfying and cleansing. Once removed, she looked at the mask and saw dead dry skin, and makeup and dirt that wasn’t removed from Her face wash and Her skin felt soft and smooth.

As for the name, Joey New York says that this peel yields the same results as a lunchtime visit to your dermatologist would. Is that the case? The Beauty Bug can’t say, but this mask is a great quick exfoliator with results you can actually see.

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