The World’s Most Expensive Nail Polish

Ladies, although this is old new, it’s still news. The shock-factor hasn’t decreased….

29-21-051.jpgThe Beauty Bug may splurge on handbags, skin care, and jeans, but there will never come a day where she spends $250 on nail polish. Never. While limited edition colors are all the rage (Chanel’s Black Satin), clearly this goes way beyond that. This was obviously meant to a statement piece geared to garner buzz….or was it?

The Beauty Bug did a little research and found this lady in Baltimore selling a bottle of Craigs List for $210. And yes, it’s a current post from march 31st. The Beauty bug almost contacted her just to get an idea of what she was thinking when she bought it and why she bought it. People always talk about wanting to get in the minds of serial killers – well, The Beauty Bug wants to get into the mind of the lady that bought this $250 bottle of nail polish.

The nail polish was the result of a collaboration between Allure Magazine, platinum supplier Johnson Matthev, PGI and Essie.Here’s the specifics:

“This limited-edition polish containing pure platinum dust is valued at US$250 per bottle and will soon be put on sale around the world. The nail polish, with the name “I Do”, was developed under the supervision of Essie Weingarten, president of Essie Cosmetics. To celebrate its debut, the famous jewellery designer Henry Dunay designed an elite bottle for the pricey polish. The lavish top and base set is crafted from pure platinum and with the bottle and polish is valued at US$55,000.”

The Beauty Bug ends this with one word. Ridic.

2 Responses to The World’s Most Expensive Nail Polish

  1. Agostina

    Ridic is right. That’s unbelieveable. $250 for nail polish – well, it must not be that good if it’s going for less on ebay (ha,ha).Thanks for the post – I really enjoy your blog.

  2. the beauty bug boyfriend

    THIS guy knows what that $250 would be better suited for :) … something along the lines of, oohhh I don’t know, Fendi? Miu Miu? Prada?

    $250 for nail polish is a bit excessive, I agree. (I shouldn’t talk – especially after dropping 1800 for a television)

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