Don’t Try to Out-Smart The Beauty Bug, ELF Cosmetics

The Beauty Bug just received three comments in Her in box waiting for Her approval. All of the comments were for a particular ELF post where a guest blogger panned their products. When the first comment came in, She approved it without thinking twice. Almost immediately after, two more comments came in all to the same post. The Beauty Bug scratched her head. Suspicious? She thinks so. She looked at each comment that was pending approval – one from “Lisa”, one from “Jessica” and the last from “Jennifer” who all happened to have the same email address and the same IP address. Yeah, The Beauty Bug doesn’t think so. That’s not going to fly.

No, this isn’t that big of a deal – just one those things that gets under The Beauty Bug’s skin. Whomever posted those comments, whether it be ELF themselves or their PR firm, plays the Beauty Bug for an idiot and clearly doesn’t know how to successfully do their job. What should they have done? They should have either just posted one comment and flew under the radar, or admitted who they were and offered to send other products to make up for the poor experience that the guest blogger had.

The Beauty Bug’s friend, Julie, sums it up nicely in her comment – she says, “The only thing I will give ELF credit for is smart marketing/pr during their launch when they started that rumor about Bloomies virally…and it worked on me….and I work in marketing…go figure.”

2 Responses to Don’t Try to Out-Smart The Beauty Bug, ELF Cosmetics

  1. Renee

    omg, what the heck?! sigh, some people… what did these comments say? praising the brand to the sky? I do get quite suspicious comments from time to time as well, but not from 3 “different” people at the same time!

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Renee – yes, the comments were praising the brand beyond belief. The Beauty Bug would have published them because they were SO fake that it was quite funny, but She didn’t want to give them the satisfaction. One said something like her and her friend made a bet b/c her friend didn’t believe they could be good…and the friend had to do her laundry for a year. So ridic…

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