Review: Calme Essentials Collagen Face Mask

cme_full.jpgThe Beauty Bug first learned about this mask on a flight from LA to NY – a women three seats over put it on mid-flight. She was intrigued and petrified at the same time; petrified because it’s the Beauty Bug’s opinion that this mask should only be worn in the privacy of your own home. When applied, the wearer resembles Jason from Friday the 13th and it’s quite off-putting. Don’t get the Beauty Bug wrong – she’s all for doing whatever it takes for great skin (even if it means looking like a character out of a horror movie for 10 minutes), but there are things that should only be done at home.

With that being said, the Beauty Bug was excited to receive this mask in Her new Test Tube. She broke it out this morning, excited to try it out. First let her say, be warned if try this when it’s a little chilly out because when first applied, the mask is very cold. After she got used to the coldness, she attempted to fit the mask on her face, but it was very awkward. She couldn’t get it to lay flat and cover her entire face – no matter how hard She tried, there was always a tiny portion of her face not covered by the mask because of its shape/size. Throughout the entire 10 minutes, She found Herself fidgeting with it trying to get it right but she never seemed to get it to lay flat. In addition to this, it dripped at bit on Her shirt and it was a bit bothersome.

Overall, the experience wasn’t a very pleasant one and The Beauty Bug was a bit disappointed because She wanted to like it. She was most surprised at the fit of the mask. While The Beauty Bug wasn’t particularly impressed with a similar Skyn Iceland mask, at least it fit her face and wasn’t awkward. Yes, he skin was left soft, but nothing remarkable.

Sadly, The Beauty Bug will cross this mask off Her list.

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  1. Doris

    When I first got my mask, I didn’t immediately notice there were two plastic covers, one on the front and one on the back, and experienced the same problem. Once I removed the second cover, I found it fit snugly to my face. Maybe this was your problem as well. Now that I know this, I use it all the masks after sunning, skiing and before going out with the great results.

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Thanks for the tip Doris. That could have been the problem, I can’t really remember right now. Were there directions and I just missed that part? So I would know how long to leave it on for, I looked on the website but didn’t see anything about that. Luckily, my mother gets a Test Tube too so i will just steal hers and give it another try.

  3. sarah

    I had a pretty good experience with the mask — mostly frightening my roomate with the freaky jason face :) I did fidget with it a bit to reposition it to cover the little bits of my face that were showing, but for the most part it covered my face well and thankfully it didn’t drip. I loved the softness afterwards and was sad there was only one mask per pouch!! I hope you have a better experience next time if you decide to try it again!

  4. The Beauty Bug

    Thanks for the comment Sarah – I think you guys have convinced me to give the mask another try!

  5. Deborah

    Test tube trial too – my exp. while similar (startled husband) loved the result. The second (outside) sheet was difficult to ID and the fit (around the eyes) awkward the result was 100% worth it. I did use it at home and left it on longer than directed (15-20, left on for 30 or so), used the residual liquide on neck and heands (lovely). I will find this and purchase.

    Speaking of the Tube – the wash this time around is great! Finally something that is not only worthy of inclusion but also affordable. Don’t get me wrong, the Tube is amazing and let’s us voyer into the how the other half lives….but seldom are the products truely attainable for every day use…..Now if I could just get over the luxury of my new Tanga lingerie. Feel like a Hilton.

  6. beauty chick

    that reminds me… 1) I need to pamper my face with a mask, and 2) I can’t wait for the next Test Tube!
    Thanks for a great review

  7. Susan

    So is there a collagen mask out there? I am 51 and starting to wish for younger skin. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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