Red Sox Opening Day

The Beauty Bug loves Her Red Sox just as much as she loves all her lip glosses and face creams. Lucky for Her, yesterday She got to attend the Red Sox home opener with her Boyfriend.


The Beauty Bug and Her Man have been attending the home openers for the past three years, and this is the coldest one she can remember. Lucky for Her, she had on ample moisturizer under Her makeup, and kept reapplying her trusty Carmex all day. Prior to the game, She applied Astara’s Blue Flame Purification Mask - the blue didn’t quite match the navy shade that is the Red Sox blue, but it was close enough!

2 Responses to Red Sox Opening Day

  1. Lydia

    Ha! I’m a baseball girl too and haven’t missed an opening day here in Seattle in ages. Your sox killed my pathetic little mariners yesterday! :(

  2. kia

    great picture of you two!

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