Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

The Beauty Bug has been trying to do some research on this topic for quite some time now, and She hasn’t been very successful so She thought She’d open it up to you and see if anyone could shed any light on the subject….

great_lash_waterproof_mascara_enlarge.jpgThe Beauty Bug will admit it, She gets sucked in every time She sees a commercial for a new mascara and thinks to Herself, “this may be THE one” and runs to her local CVS at all times of the day to purchase the latest and greatest mascara. But that’s not before She thinks to Herself – why is the model in the commercial who’s trying to convince me to buy the mascara so obviously wearing fake eyelashes? Surely that’s illegal. So, next, The Beauty Bug watched closely to a handful of the commercials keeping an eye out for legal disclaimers. None.

How can this be? This really makes the Beauty Bug wonder because just recently, when The Beauty Bug was working in brand marketing for a major quick service restaurant brand, something happened that provoked the aforementioned thought. She was marketing a certain fruit drink that didn’t have real fruit in it and wasn’t permitted to place fruit in or around the lid of the cup – only to the side conveying fruit cues. Makes sense, right?

With this in mind, how are the cosmetic companies getting away with this? Isn’t it misrepresentation? The Beauty Bug will never understand.

4 Responses to Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

  1. Lydia

    Maybe they’re coating the fake lashes with their mascara thus avoiding any legal mumbo jumbo. That way they could say that their product does give the results shown, even though you have to wear fake lashes AND their product to achieve the look. Honestly, though, would you really want 5-inch long lashes?

  2. Kristen

    You’re so right!
    This thought only seems to occur to me when I’m rifling through the magazines, and not when I’m actually buying may mascara.
    They totally hook me in though with their marketing!

  3. Elke

    I laugh hysterically at the ads that show the ‘false’ lashes hitting the eyebrows.. as in really. I think almost ALL mascara ads use false eyelashes no? It certainly looks that way.

  4. kia

    i totally had this thought when i was at wal mart with about 3 mascaras in hand to try…. why am i being suckered by these ads when they are obviously wearing falsies? i need to slow down and learn to apply falsies correctly!

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