Pin the Tale on the Face Wash

After the work, when The Beauty Bug goes home, she can not wash her face fast enough. In fact, if plumbing was portable, she’d wash her face in her car as she drove home (and you though applying makeup while driving was dangerous!). She barely has one foot in the door, and she’s making a bee line for a the bathroom to start the water and warm it up.

This past week she ran out of her Murad Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser ($25, and worth about $5) so She opened up her cabinet, closed her eyes, and blindly picked her new face wash – or as The Beauty Bug likes to call it, ‘Pin the Tale on the Face Wash.’ She chose Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub. Thinking about her selection, The Beauty Bug was excited re-try this face wash.

300.jpgShe squeezed some face wash into her hands, and she instantly recognized the smell – so clean and crisp. She rubbed it on her face and let out her normal satisfying groan, which usually leads The Beauty Bug Boyfriend to say “are you ok?”, and the Beauty Bug, so caught up in the moment, usually doesn’t answer. The microbeads in the this formula gently exfoliate, and are mild enough that the wash can be used as an everyday cleanser/exfoliator (harsher exfoliators should be used 2-3 times per week). The light gel foams easily, and is absolutely one of the most refreshing cleaners The Beauty Bug has ever used. Trust the Beauty Bug when She says it’s much more energizing than her previous Murad “energizing” cleanser. Pick it up on your next trip to the drug store – it didn’t win an InStyle Best Beauty Buy Award for nothing.


And now on to more important things. It’s now the day after and it’s starting to sink in…where were you when Sanjaya got voted off?

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