Who Do You Smell Like?

The Beauty Bug spent some time at the home hive this weekend. While making breakfast Sunday morning, Her Step Father paused to ask her, “Who do I smell like?” Hmmm…The Beauty Bug thought for a moment. David Beckham She replied confidently. He then continued to ask, “What does he smell like?” “Do you think he wears his own cologne?”

The Beauty Bug let him rant a bit more, but continued to enjoy the smell of his new David Beckham fragrance, INSTINCT. For a split second, there was this weird juxtaposition that played out in The Beauty Bug’s head between Her step father, and David Bckham, but that quickly passed. Unlike your typical run of the mill Cool Water’s and Drakkar’s that all smell alike – INSTINCT is very distinct, sharp, yet very clean, fresh and at the same time subtle. It begins with an invigorating flash of bright Italian bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin leaf notes. Next, an unexpected trio of provocation strikes via a blend of spcy red pimento, warm star anise and fusing cardamom totes. The scent ends with a seductive wave of Haiti vetiver, patchouli and a hint of white amber.

Not only is the fragrance, fresh – but so is the packaging. The cap is magnetic and forcibly pulls back onto the bottle with a definitive click at the end of each use. This kept The Beauty Bug busy for longer than She would like to admit.

Ladies, keep this fragrance in mind for Father’s Day which is right around the corner.

INSTINCT is available at drugstores nationwide, JC Penney’s, Sears, Kohl’s and ULTA stores.

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