Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit


For those who haven’t seen The Beauty Bug in person, She’s pale. Very pale. We’re talking Bare Escentuals Fair and MAC NW15. So pale that She’s often teased by her younger, less-wise brother who mockingly says, “You’ve been tanning?” Most time she just glares at him and gives him a priceless dirty look.

Because of Her pale complexion, She never used to wear sun block because She always wanted that natural tan look – when you have just the right amount of color so you don’t have to wear makeup look. She mistakenly skipped wearing sunblock on a vacation to Miami about 3 years ago, and she got burned bad. Burned so bad her tan line lasted about a year and a half – no joke ladies. The Beauty Bug Boyfriend had to come to the rescue to aloe vera and The Beauty Bug both belly laughed and screamed at the top of her lungs at the same time when he applied it. It was an experience both will never forget.

But the Beauty Bug has learned her lesson. Why? It’s simple. Sun is the #1 cause of wrinkles. She’ll say it again – the sun is the #1 cause of wrinkles. So, she’ll be stocking up on Sephora’s new Sun Safety Kit. It comes with eight mini products (air plane regulated size) from Korres, Bliss, Murad, Peter Thomas Roth, Clarins, Juice Beauty, DDF and Cosmedicine and it only $22! But, here’s the best part – 100% of the net profits ($18.23) will benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation. The Beauty Bug applauds Sephora for calling out this number because it’s so often that you hear about part of the profits going to a charity, but are always left wondering exactly how much.

The weather here on the east coast is finally starting to heat up, so The Beauty Bug will be purchasing her Sun Safety kit this weekend.

And remember ladies – sunblock is needed in the winter too. The most ridiculous rays of sun are the ones that you don’t see when there’s three feet of snow on the ground – UVA long rays. So maybe you want to pick up an extra kit…

4 Responses to Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit

  1. Lydia

    I’m really pale too–blonde hair, blue eyes, no pigment to my skin. grrr! it makes the rare sunny days here in the Pacific NW difficult. Sephora’s little kit sounds great and I’ll have to check it out. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses as well–they can help save the skin around your eyes from the sun’s damage!

  2. The Wiser Brother

    Hey B Bug? Did you tan before that pic at fenway? Didn’t ma always tell you to wear your SPF 92?

  3. anne

    Just like to say, i love your reviews, they;re so funny, you must be ringing in the dough for the money to review so many products.Just wondering, how is this product, is it oily. I’m still on the mission for a greasy non oily sunscreen, any you recommend?

  4. kia

    ooh this product looks right yummy! i can totally use this =)

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