Bronzer is the new Blush

The Beauty Bug doesn’t post about bronzer much because her skin is so pale that She can only use select products. Most make her skin orange and there’s nothing more unattractive than a woman who is using the wrong bronzer or who doesn’t know how to apply it correctly. The Beauty Bug calls them “the orange people”.

That being said, this will be one of the first posts about the subject because last night the Beauty Bug died and went to bronzer heaven, Physicians Formula bronzer heaven . A box arrived on Her door step yesterday and She finally got around to opening it last night. She called The Beauty Bug Boyfriend in after she had proudly displayed all the bronzers, Her excitement so tangible. “Where are we going to put this he said?” clearly not realizing that The Beauty Bug’s summer had been made when she these products arrived. They were sure to give her the most perfect sun kissed skin – that oh so recognizable healthy glow.

bb.jpgExamining each of the bronzers from the 2007 Physicians Formula Collection, The Beauty Bug made some important observations. Take a look at the Shimmer Strips. Remind you of a famed shimmer brick from an alliterated makeup artist? The Beauty Bug thought so. What about the Baked Bronzer? The Beauty Bug is guilty of buying this exact same bronzer from MAC this past December, but it was twice the price. Take it from The Beauty Bug – to get the perfect summer glow, look no further than your nearest drugstore – and use the money that you’ll save to treat yourself to a poolside piña collada.028341.jpg

The Beauty Bug’s personal favorite from the collection is the Bronze Gems in Health Glow. She applies it to her cheeks, and nose and forehead and it warms Her face instantly. And the fact that the compact is stylish and glam doesn’t hurt either. The Beauty Bug carries it around with her in her purse and secretly hopes that everyone notices when She takes it out for a touch up…

4 Responses to Bronzer is the new Blush

  1. Elke

    Oh,the Bronze Gems looks so cute. I’ve never had luck with Physician’s Formula. It either doesn’t go on or disappears in minutes…I’d be willing to try the Gems though…. soo cute.

  2. The Beauty Bug

    If you’re looking for a tanner look more bronzed look, try a different shade other than the ‘Healthy Glow’. The have about 20 different varieties – try the Multi-colored Powder Palette, or the Baked Bronzer.

  3. kia

    i’ve kept a mental note for some time that the pf baked bronzers are dupes for the mac’s msf’s.. i’ve never tried it though. super curious. sad to say, that when mac comes out with the LE msf’s i’m allll ovver itt! i shall put the pf’s baked bronzers to the test!

  4. Jenn

    I find it surprising that Elke says that, as Physician’s Formula stuff even stays on for me after a sweaty twelve-hour waitressing stint. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. (I cannot *believe* I just said that…)

    That said, I’m really glad to find such a detailed review of this product, as I was just eyeballing it in the store the other day and now I’ve been convinced to give it a go. Thank you!

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