Obsessed Much?

The Beauty Bug admits it, She’s dramatic. She’s animated (sometimes over the topjantin.jpg animated) especially when it comes to certain people. Like any girl, She has her obsessions; (as odd as they may be) Anthony Bourdain from the Travel Channel, Phil Koeghan from the Amazing Race, Tori Spelling (ok, so maybe it’s more like the entire cast of 90210), William Petersen (or as Quentin Taratino calls him, “Billy”), Alec Bladwin (Best SNL host ever), E!’s Dr. Robert Rey (ok, so She knows he can be creepy at times), Perez Hilton (this is more like a love/hate thing – but an obsession nonetheless), Where in the World is Matt Lauer? (while she does like the TODAY Show, She’s particularly obsessed with this segment and has been waiting a year to see Matt travel again – and yes, one day The Beauty Bug will visit Dubrovnik, Croatia), Roger Ebert (get well soon!), and last but not least, Jonathan Antin.

Jonathan may give the same hair cut to every woman with long hair, and his show, Blow Out, may be totally staged, but it’s entertaining and he’s such a rock star. The Beauty Bug even got Her Boyfriend a bit addicted (more than he’s willing to admit) and he’s now on his 5th jar of Dirt. The Beauty Bug even recently got hooked to The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll (and She doesn’t even like the Pussycat Dolls) just because an Antin was behind it.

So, why all the fuss over Mr. Antin? It’s because he’s coming out with a new line of hair products and The Beauty Bug can hardly wait. Called Ionic Balance, the products will hit shelves in August. While Her hair isn’t chemically or color treated, She can always use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

Could this mean a third Season of Blow Out? The Beauty Bug can only hope…

3 Responses to Obsessed Much?

  1. Lydia

    OMG–I am so totally with you on the Anthony Bourdain thing. God, he’s one of my fave ppl ever!! :)

    Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan–what can be said about him? Don’t you just love the way he crys over almost everything? How in the world is he straight?!?!

  2. Julie

    you are so funny…i totally agree with you on the Phil Keogan and Anthony Bourdain.

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