Le-Dekor Cucumber Mask

Long time readers know that The Beauty Bug is crazy about masks. Late last week, She received a package from her west coast beauty buddy, Julie, with a “Cucumber Mask Pack” that she bought in Korea-town.

The Beauty Bug was anxious to try it – She’s always been mystified by eastern cultures, and their practices, and thought She may be stumbling upon a skin care gem.

Before applying the mask she read the front of the pack. It read:

“Makes your tired skin elastic, mostend and clear” (Did they mean moistened?)


She turned it over to continue reading…

“The refresh and calm feelings are stayed in your skin simply using 3-4 times per week”

How to use: (copied and pasted verbatim from their website which is also spelled wrong – the address is ledeko.com and the brand is Le-Dekor)

Le Dekor Cucumber Mask Pack is specially formulated to penentrate highly concerntrated active ingredients in to the skin, so that makes your tried skin moistened, elastic, white and relives you from the stress, using 3~4 times per week.

1.After cleansing, Soothe your face with toning w ater. (Yes, there’s actually a space between the W and the A in water)
2.Apply the mask on the face. Smooth mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin.
※Please tap two or three times befor opening the pouch.
3.Leave it for 15~ 20 minutes until the nutrients of the mask are absorbed, and then remove the mask.
4.If essence is left on your face after taking off the mask, tap your face for completely being absorbed into your skin. (How does the Beauty Bug Tap Her face? Anyone?)
5.After removing the mask, no rinsing is necessary. If you do make up base or paint your face after taking off the mask, you can feel fresh all day long.
6.Using the mask 3~4 times per week, you keep your skin always elastic and clear.

The Beauty Bug did her best to stop marveling at all the grammar and spelling mistakes so she could comfortably apply the mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. The smell was pleasant and fresh, just like a cucumber, but after the She took the mask off Her face felt a bit sticky. There were really no results to report, and The Beauty Bug was a bit disappointed.

3 Responses to Le-Dekor Cucumber Mask

  1. Paula D.

    You are a trooper! After all the grammar & spelling mistakes. I would have been scared to use it.

  2. Julie

    ha ha – that is hilarious…i have not tried one yet.
    not sure i want to. i LOVE the misspellings – classic!! i guess for $2 – not so risky.

  3. The Beauty Bug

    It was certainly an adventure…The Beauty Bug struggled to keep it on for the time required and Her face just felt sticky and balmy when She took it off.

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