Reading Between the Lines…

Take a glance at this article, Blogging for Truth and Beauty, from the New York Times.

Natasha Singer writes:

“MOST bloggers have never met a beauty product or treatment they didn’t love. The fill their columns with wildly enthusiastic prose about the latest blush, the newest procedure or research that they laud as cutting-edge.”

The Beauty Bug was taken aback by that statement especially when She reads between the lines.

Did you do your research Natasha? The Beauty Bug wonders. Because if you did, you’d surely come across several products that received not so stellar reviews from both myself and my fellow beauty bloggers.Get it right and do the proper research. That’s not a lot to ask.

5 Responses to Reading Between the Lines…

  1. kia

    oh really? i will definitely pay her a visit!

  2. Kristen

    Interesting post!
    I saw this and it got me thinking: what about the beauty/fashion mags? It’s very rare that you see a negative word about a beauty product in a beauty mag, since they, more so than us beauty bloggers, have to answer to their advertisers.
    while we bloggers may be more enthusiastic about certain things, it’s for a reason: many blogs thrive on the intimate/personal relationship they share with their readers and so it goes without saying that we’ll convey a voice that sounds like we’re talking with our girlfriends.
    chew on that, Miss Singer! :)

  3. The Beauty Bug

    Great point Kristen! I’ve often thought the same thing about new Beauty’s Blog – I’ve never ever read a negative review. The Beauty Bug almost wants to write Natasha to point this out to her…

  4. Erin

    Go Kristen! You took the words right out of my mouth! I agree 100%.

  5. Toya

    She obviously has never read my blog or any of my favorite beauty blogs. I know that the vast majority of beauty bloggers with which I am familiar are quite truthful about those products they love and those they don’t – at the very least, they stay mum on those products that don’t float their boat. She knows not of what she writes.

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