Test Tube Fury

iamfurious_new_jpg.jpgA short time after this site was born, The Beauty Bug began touting The Test Tube. More than that, She’s been a walking evangelist for the sampling program, recruiting all of Her friends to join the program. She was one of the early adopters and has devoted many posts to how great the Test Tube is.

Finally, the day has come when She was proven wrong. The Test Tube is a flawed program and New Beauty clearly does not know how to service their good customers who opted into the program very early after its launch.

After MONTHS of waiting for her third Test Tube and after leaving message after message for the subscription department at New Beauty, The Beauty Bug today found out that there isn’t enough product and She will not be receiving her Test Tube. She first called at the end of March to find out where hers was, and the uninformed representative told Her She would be receiving hers in a week. The Beauty Bug is certain that that woman’s nose must have grown because she was lying. No Test Tube. No Blinc mascara that The Beauty Bug had been eager to try.

It is evident that New Beauty needs some lessons is customer service. They should fulfill Test Tubes in the order of when the customer subscribed.

UPDATE: It seems that New Beauty redeemed themselves  – details to follow.

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  1. Allison

    I agree. I was told it would ship in March, here it is the end of May and still no Test Tube, although they were happy to charge my credit card. They won’t answer my emails. Clearly they can’t handle the program — or maybe a little fraud?

  2. Jen

    I too, was a New Tube evangelist. I’ve received one tube thus far (the one with Blinc) and I was impressed. But honestly, how difficult is it to get these out every three months as promised, right? Anyway, keep us all posted on what you find out. We are waiting with bated breath!

  3. Kathy

    I finally had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and a fraud complaint through my credit card company about the New Beauty Test Tube sampling program! They charged my credit card 3 months ago and after numerous un-answered calls and emails to them, I finally gave up trying to get my Test Tube!! VERY poor customer service.

  4. Jill

    I too was charged for a test tube but never received it. I had however received 2 in the past 6 months. This go around, they had major problems. I’ve sinced cancelled the program. Too bad – I thought it was a great service.

  5. Holly


    How did you cancel? Everything I have tried via email comes back as Undeliverable. I call and just get voice mail.
    I too have been duped and if I have to constantly remind them then I don’t want to participate.

  6. The Beauty Bug

    Just call 561.750.0151 and express your anger to the receptionist so she can get someone to help you, or email newbeautyinfo@newbeauty.com

  7. Anna

    I’ve left several messages, and I have gotten a call back saying they were sending out the tube last week. Of course, it didn’t ship. I just called again and told them I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau. I didn’t get a real person, even though the receptionist said they were available. I’d received two test tubes before with no problem. They charged my credit card on May 17th for this third one that has never shipped.

  8. Anna

    A further update…after posting here and reading everyone’s comments, I decided to go higher to manager level at New Beauty. I spoke to a Scott Ylon, who actually sent me my Test Tube today, gave me a tracking number,and also a $20 gift certificate code to Spalook.com

    I would suggest any of you having trouble contact Scott and let him know you want your Test Tube! Here’s his info:

    Scott R. Yablon
    COO & CFO
    Sandow Media

    P. 561-750-0151
    F. 561-338-8256
    C. 561-445-5400

    email: scott@sandowmedia.com

    Good luck!

  9. Amy

    Hey ladies, I was charged on May 19, have made 3 phone calls (all with the same answer “it’s being mailed next week”), and have emailed New Beauty.

    Thanks Anna for the latest info! I am going to email him next! I will keep you all posted!

  10. Amy

    I emailed Scott Yablon, received a response from him stating that he would look into it. Today, I received a FedEx tracking number for my test tube. Seems that they do have enough product, afterall.

    I urge you all to contact New Beauty and either request the product be sent immediately or ask for a refund. There is no reason they should receive payment for items not sent – bad business.

  11. Allison

    I sent an email to customercare@newbeauty.com and asked them to cancel my subscription. I received an immediate response telling me that my subscription had been canceled. Seems they were happy to get rid of me. I’ll have to wait to see if that actually worked. Funny they couldn’t respond to any of my previous emails wanting to know the status of the shipment!

  12. Alarming Darling

    Mine was charged 10 days ago, still no Tube. While this is only my second Tube, it does seem like the time between being charged and receiving my Tube was pretty long last time too — and for $8.95 shipping, it would be nice to get it sooner. Or be charged later. It’s not a huge deal, but why not just charge when it’s shipped? It looks bad.

    I don’t agree that they should fill orders in the order of when the customer subscribed, though — it seems like they should be able to provide fast service to all their customers. Much more professional.

  13. Kristy

    Wow. I thought it was me just having problems. My first TestTube at the begining of the year was great! I was excitied when I saw what the next TestTube was (from the website.) It never came. I wasn’t charged though, so I simply sent an email asking “what happened?” No reply, but a few months later (may 18th-ish?) I was charged for a test tube. I didn’t realize this until July. No testtube – just the charge. Well that pissed me off. I called and spoke with someone promptly and she shipped me out a testtube that arrived 2 days later. The problem with this testtube was only half of the products were what was on the website. Very disappointed. I emailed them again about my complaints but of course have not heard back from them. Shame – it was a great concept for both companies and consumers. Consumers get to try before you buy on great new products and companies get a perfect target audience of someone they know will pay (the testtube isn’t free baby!) to get a good product.

  14. Diana

    I just sent a certified letter to New Beauty today to withdraw from the “Test Tube” program. I had to dispute the charge that posted to my credit card in mid-May and two months later, I still hadn’t received the Test Tube.

    They never respond to emails and when I called the receptionist said “the test tubes are going out next week” – I left a voice mail message for the “test tube director” who never called me back. VERY bad customer service!

    I agree this was a great idea, but very poorly executed.

  15. Tammy

    I was billed on May 9th and never received my second tube. Finally called Sandow Media on July 31st and spoke with Jodie, who said she would send “another one out again” and would send me a Fed Ex shipper that day. The Fed Ex shipper came a couple of days later, and I did receive my tube yesterday. However, 1/2 of the products (which were mainly the very small, sample size) were products I had received in the previous tube, and really didn’t care for. Very disappointing. Only 4 of the products were ones advertised. I thought the first tube I received was superior to this one. I’ll give it one last try, as perhaps they may get things straightened out. They had such good publicity at first, and now not so good publicity – maybe they’ll try and make it up to us.

  16. Barbara

    Add me to the list of disappointed customers. I had to call numerous times to get the Tube shipped and when it arrived what a rip off. Small sample sizes that I could have got on my own. One jar was half full and another the cream had totally dried up. I am going to get my money back and cancel.

  17. sue

    was one of the first to subscribe and the first 2 tubes were late but had great products at most at full size.
    the next 2 were very late I had to call to see ware they were and the products were nothing but free samples you can get over the counter at any Sepfora,Nemans or major department store. so this is clearly only a money making deal on free samples I think.

  18. Liz

    Well I should have listened. I subscribed and got my Tube in 2 weeks. I was very disappointed in the size of the samples that were enclosed. I am not thinking that this was the deal I thought it was.

  19. Alarming Darling

    Hey, BeautyBug: where’s the update? At the end of your post, you said NewBeauty redeemed themselves. What’d they do for you? Curious. xx

  20. Laura

    I too have been disappointed in this program. Since Feb ’07, I have received one tube. Was just recently billed in August for a tube, but guess what, no tube. I left a phone message and an e-mail with Scott Yablon as recommended by Anna on this site. Hope all goes well. Three months ago, I went through Jodie who was very helpful but as of this week and 3 phone messages later, no response from her! I’ll keep you posted regarding Scott.

  21. Laura

    Scott Yablon came to the rescue. I phoned and e-mailed him. Received an e-mail confirmation of my tube being placed on the “ship list” the day I called. I received the tube 8-26-07. Hopefully, come Dec ’07, Scott will still be around when I need him. I shouldn’t have to make sure they do their job every quarter.

  22. Heather

    Well, I thought it was just me! I haven’t recieved either of my last two shipments. I found this website today and could not be more upset. I have sent three emails, No response. So I called the number today and some girl named Caroline transferred me to a voicemail with no name. I think I will call back in an hout or so. But this is a serious problem. They have taken nearly $100 from me with no explanation. If this is happening to this many people they could have a serious lawsuit on thier hands. I feel taken advantage of and simply getting a ‘replacement’ shipment will not do. I want my money back and if not I plan on reporting them.

  23. Heather

    I just wanted to put an update; We certainly apologize for the inconvenience and will happy to assist you with this issue. We have credited your account back for the two missing tubes and your new tube is being shipped out today. Once again we deeply apologize for the lack of response you have received and will take care of this immediately.

    Customer Care

    This was after I sent them a few more emails and called again! Good luck everyone. Now lets’ just see if I get the shipment!!!

  24. Jan

    I’ve moved since my last beauty testube. I was just going to change my address online before it was shipped. Problem was, like all of you, there is no real way to make changes or to cancel my order. Distressing really. So I called my Credit Card and asked them to cancel my card and block any further activity from new beauty. That should do the trick. (I’ll bet someone will be calling me or sending me an email.) If not…oh well. Besides you can go to any local Nordstroms and get most of the same samples for free just by asking for them. I should know better, I worked there for the last 4yrs. ugh.

  25. Tamara

    Spoke to Mr. Yablon today, (after my scathing review on makeup alley) and I think this thing is going to be solved–it SEEMS to me they probably had some really BAD employees or something for this great idea to become so UGLY–here is a copy of the ENCOURAGING letter that I sent Mr. YABLON-he seems to want to do a good job:

    I am Tamara Scott, a customer since the first, (no -second ) issue of NEW Beauty MAG. I spoke to you and I was pleased with the response that I would be taken care of for a change at the 1-866-NEW BEAUTY number. I was also happy to hear that you have regrouped the customer svc and was told that the TUBE has not shipped out yet (refreshing honesty!!!) We ladies are rooting for you guys so we encourage you to keep us loyal customers and the customers will reward you with DEVOTION if you give us what you promised in exchange for our money as you very well are trying to do… I can see that you are on the case. All the bad beauty blog words will be turned as you regain the pleasure of your customers old and new.

  26. Angie

    I am so glad I found this board. Yup, I also did not received my third shipment. My credit card was charged in May 07, and no product was shipped. I sent numerious emails and left voicemail messages, with no response. I sent Scott an email today, two came back yesterday because it appeared his mailbox is full. Shouls be time for my fourth tube, have not noticed a charge for it on my card.

  27. Anna

    I also have not received my third Test Tube, and my credit card was charged on August 18th. I just left a message for Scott Yablon, hopefully he will respond as quickly as he did before. This is getting quite tiresome, however, and I am thinking I will also ask him to cancel my subscription.

  28. The Beauty Bug

    The Beauty Bug thinks that she should send along this post with all the comments to New Beauty and Scott…any thoughts?

  29. sue

    when I emailed them the last time I send them a link to this site and to makupalley as well it was only after that I received my 4th tube but it was full of small over the counter samples no coupon from spalook and basically useless to me.
    I called and left a message to cancel my subscription. I was fortunate that my cc was old and out of date as of Sept. So even if they try to charge me again they will not be able to.
    soon after I canceled I got another tube in the mail this one had 2 of the things in the new list but the rest
    was the same useless small samples as the last one.
    t think they really do not know what they are doing at all.

  30. Alarming Darling

    BB: I also sent Scott this link via email.

    He never wrote me back. Jodie eventually did take care of me by sending out one overnight, but like everyone has said: it’s not quite enough. :(

  31. Spa maven

    Wow, seems like they must have a script. I was told that they did not anticipate the overwhelming response and the test tube would ship out next week… a remarkably similar conversation to the one I had last time they didn’t ship. l’m done. Maybe another company will pick up on the concept and re-launch the program with a well staffed, customer-oriented team. Great idea, poor execution.

  32. Robbin

    I also was one of the first to sign up ($25.00 total for each tube). I just called them today to find out where my tubes were, hmmm, they cancelled my account. I have to sign up again. It’s now $29.95 plus $8.95 for shipping. Is it worth it? I was also (rudely) informed that it’s 1 per person. When I spoke with them via phone in August, nothing was mentioned about cancelling the account, nothing was mentioned about 1 per person & she even made sure I got both of them. I keep 1 for myself & the other goes to my sister who would never buy anything for herself. Should I sign up again? I feel that we are being stiffed. My card would be charged and then 1-2 months later I would get the tube.

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