Beauty Bug Interviews Grooming Guru, Anothony Logistics

Ladies,The Beauty Bug made an amazing discovery this weekend – something that will change your life. She discovered the perfect man. That’s right, he exists. A man who admittedly filled his shower with bath and cleansing products, a man who told The Beauty Bug he filled his medicine cabinet with skin care products because he wanted to. Who is She talking about? Why, Anthony from Anthony Logistics of course – the largest men skin care line on the market.

4374_hero.jpgThe Beauty Bug had the privilege of meeting Anthony this weekend at Her local Sephora and learned what’s involved in starting a skin care business from the ground up, how the special males in your life can get the perfect shave, and about an alternative to Tend Skin for both guys and girls. Check it out:

BB: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how Anthony Logistics was born.

A: I was a real estate developer, amateur musician, and most of all a frustrated consumer looking for a skin care line to suit my lifestyle. I realized that there wasn’t any products on the market for the normal, average guy – everything I found was either scented or the line was very limited. So, I did my diligent research. I filled my shower with products, and conducted 2 years of research and proved there was a need for practical skin care line for men and to make a long story short, in 2000 Anthony Logistics was born in. I’m proud to say that it’s now 10 years old, and sold in over 2,000 stores and 22 countries.

BB: So, you did 2 years of research on men, their habits, and skin care. What did you learn? (Ladies, you’ll love this one!)

A: I’m sure you won’t find this surprising, but among other things, we learned that men are very visual – they like to look at things. That helped us create our bright, colorful packaging that grabs their attention.

BB: Some men think skin care is for women, or just don’t take the time to incorporate it into their routines. Any suggestions to help them make the leap?

A: Start slow with just one product – maybe one that solves a problem (ingrown hair, etc.). This will break the ice. From there, gradually work more products into their routine. Samples are great for guys that are hesitant – we’re a very grass roots company and strongly believe in sampling. If you’re a girlfriend/wife of someone you want to encourage to begin a skin care regimen go to Sephora and get them some samples.

BB: What 2 products would you recommend for the guy who’s a skin care minimalist?

A: Facial cleanser and facial scrub – something they use everyday and can just “trade up” to.

BB: What are you top 3 grooming tips?

A: 1) Cleanse before you do anything – it’s like the saying “wash your car before you wax”. When you cleanse before you shave, it makes the hairs on your beard stand up straighter, giving you a better shave. 2) Always use a toner. 3) Moisturize.

For more tips on how to get the perfect shave, click here.

BB: What differentiates your brand from other mens skin care brands?

A: We’re the largest, most comprehensive mens skin care brand on the market. We have 65 products – something for everyone. We use high levels of quality, natural ingredients (wheat protein, chamomile, etc.) and we listen to what our customers want. Our new ingrown hair treatment was a result of customer feedback.

BB: Ingrown hair treatment – is this only for men?

A: No, all of our products are gender neutral and we’re hearing that women are actually using it too.

BB: Number one mistake men make when it comes to shaving?

A: Not cleansing properly before shaving.

BB: Tell me about your collaborations with various charity organizations.

A: We donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the American Cancer Society. A portion of every sale goes to fight prostate cancer. One in six men have prostate cancer, 100 men die per day from prostate cancer, and over the past 10 years it has taken more lives than AIDS. Our support is noted on all of our packaging – there’s a blue ribbon on every product.

BB: What’s in store for Anthony Logistics in the near future?

AL: Lots of new products and more events. We’re coming out with a new astringent/tone pad for after you wash your face – plus lots more that I can’t tell you about!

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