It’s an Alterna Summer…

The Beauty Bug is stubborn, She’ll admit it. What do you expect, She’s a Taurus! So stubborn that when Alterna contacted Her to send her straightening products for Her review, She said no because she said she had perfected her straightening routine, and didn’t need them. Looking back on it now, She can’t believe She actually said that and She deserves all the flack you give Her for making that thoughtless, stupid comment. But, lucky for Her, the savvy Lauren at Alterna sent them anyways, and the Beauty Bug couldn’t thank her enough. After a weekend of temps high in the 80′s with scattered rain, She needs all the Hemp Seed Straightening Balm and the Hemp Seed Straightening Starch that she can get. And summer has just begun….hemp_ss_balm.jpg

The Beauty Bug is very familiar with the Hemp Seed Straightening Balm – it was one of her trusted roommates in college for four long years. She vividly remembers using it everyday just before carefully positioning 2 mirrors (one in front of her, and one in back of her) so she could section off her hair correctly and make sure the back of her hair was dry and not frizzy. She broke mirror after mirror. But now, she is older and wiser – and dries her hair without the mirror – but not the product.

Here’s what you need to know about the Alterna products that The Beauty Bug is currently using:

  • Hemp Seed Straightening Balm – Extremely weightless (it’s so weightless The Beauty Bug can’t get over it) and and humidity resistant. It tames Her frizz like you wouldn’t believe
  • Hemp Seed Straightening Starch – This is THE product to use – it’s a healthy alternative to a flat iron. The styling spray smoothes the cuticle with specialized silicones
  • Life Volumizing Spray Mousse – Re-read that product name – spray mousse. The fact that it’s a spray is enough of a reason to buy – doesn’t leave your hands all sticky and icky. Another weightless product, it’s applied at the roots for dramatic body and long-lasting volume.
  • Seasilk Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoo and Conditioner – This pair deserves a drum roll! Hair ages just like any other part of our body – makes sense, right? Let’s leave the explaining to the statistical research – the dynamic duo improve the overall appearance of hair, improve detangling, increases follicle hydration, increases shine, reduces environmental and chemical damage, and refines texture.
  • Seasilk Caviar Anti-Aging Polishing Serum – Wow. The Beauty Bug Can’t get enough of this. In any other context She’d be squeamish at the thought of caviar, but She’s eating this right up! As a compliment to the shampoo and conditioner, this restores vibrancy and elasticity, adds moisture and shine, and polishes. Talk about one-stop shopping!

The Beauty Bugs experience with Alterna has been fabulous – it’s luxurious, powerful, and won’t let you down (especially on those hot, humid summer days) . Have you tried Alterna?

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