Said Makeup Artist Vincent Longo…

An excerpt taken from a recent New York Times article:

“I’ve had women cry when they’ve met me or break into a sweat so bad I couldn’t apply makeup because it kept slipping off,” Mr. Longo said as he greeted those who had come to meet him and sample or purchase products from his makeup line.

Um, what? Who are these women because The Beauty Bug wants to meet them and ask them what’s wrong with them. Get your act together ladies and get out of your houses more! It’s not like he has his own reality TV show like Jonathan Antin (and just for the record, yes the Beauty Bug would love to meet him but she wouldn’t cry or sweat!)

The article goes on to say that in today’s society, makeup artists have become idols of sorts. For the most part, The Beauty Bug agrees with this statement, but doesn’t think She would place Vincent Longo in this category. Bobbi Brown, yes. Laura Mercier, yes again. LORAC and Laura Geller – probably. But, if you ask the Beauty Bug, Vincent Longo just seems like the partition in Sephora that no body ever stops at. He’s not even in my top 10 favorite brands.

Reading further, the article mentions a 14 year old whose birthday present was meeting Mr. Longo. She’s quoted as saying, ““I was really nervous about meeting him because he’s so famous,” and “All my friends knew who he is and that seeing him would be cool.” There’s just so much wrong and weird with those last few sentences, the Beauty Bug is speechless. Why isn’t a 14 year old girl wearing MAC or Clinique or anything that’s more age appropriate?

Even further, another woman is a market researcher for the beauty industry says, ““Knowing your face is being touched by someone who did Sarah Jessica Parker or Claire Danes’s face just weeks earlier, brings them one step closer to celebrity-central.” What? Speak for yourself lady. When The Beauty Bug has her makeup done, whether it be celebrity makeup artist or not, all She’s thinking of how She looks, if She’ll be able to recreate the look herself, is the persons hands are clean, and how much the products are going to set her back.

In the end, The Beauty Bug is still shocked that those women couldn’t keep their composure when they met Vincent Longo – She knows she’d be able to hold it together if she met Alec Bladwin!!!!

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