The Only Creaseless Cream Shadow

Ever since She received the new Sephora catalog in the mail, The Beauty Bug has been admiring the eye makeup on the cover, and thinking about how it would look on her. Of course trying to recreate a specific look seen on a model is never easy, but She confidently went Sephora to scope out the cream shadow situation.

706108_hero.jpg According to the, the shadow on the model is Nars Cream Eyeshadow in Corfu.Well wouldn’t you know, The Beauty Bug already had that shadow (but on the cover it looked nothing like it did in the store)! After determining that She had all She needed to create that look, She continued to converse with the sales woman in Sephora and discuss cream eye-shadows. The Sephora rep informed The Beauty Bug that all cream eye-shadows crease, so She should be sure to use a primer. No problem The Beauty Bug thought to Herself, She would use her Laura Geller lid primer.The following day The Beauty Bug woke up extra early for work. She wanted to make sure she had ample time to experiment with her eye makeup. She even thought She might add some MAC Lipglass on to finish off the look and give it an extra sheen. She applied the primer, and then the cream shadow. The result couldn’t have been farther from the look on the Sephora catalog. The color was a lame light brown, not bronze and almost instantly the primer had mixed in with the cream shadow, making the color lighter and less bold. The Beauty Bug was absolutely positive that this wasn’t the shadow on the Sephora catalog cover. Fast forward to 2PM, and the Beauty Bug is noticing major creasing!

Unhappy with her NARS cream shadow experience, The Beauty Bug wandered over to the Bobbi Brown counter this past weekend and decided to put another cream shadow to the test. The Bobbi Shadow is a lot thicker in consistency and texture. After finally getting the attention of the snooty salesman who barely even spoke to her, She purchased new Long-wear cream shadows in Beach Bronze.

While She’d normally side with the welcoming, chatty Sephora rep, The Beauty Bug must admit that the stuck-up Bobbi salesman was right – no primer needed and no creasing at all. Somewhere in Boston the Sephora makeup artists nose is growing for lying to The Beauty Bug!

7 Responses to The Only Creaseless Cream Shadow

  1. Paula D.

    Haaaa! D*mn that Sephora sales woman! Glad you found one that worked!

  2. Nancy O

    It’s a good thing there is a sleuth out there to save us from making those mistakes

  3. Julie

    hi there – i was going to go buy that NARS shadow b/c of the way it looked on the model too! ha!
    I LOVE Bourjois Survolteel in beige. it never creases and is waterproof!!

  4. Charity

    The Nars cream shadow is actually Cosmic Girl which is a pale gold. For an eyeshadow primer, I’d recommend Urban Decay’s Primer Potion

  5. The Beauty Bug

    Charity – if you look at the Sephora website – here’s what it says:
    “Line upper and lower lash lines with Sephora Keep Kohl! Waterproof Liner in 01 Keep Black, and dab Nars Cream Eye Shadow in Corfu on upper lids and along lower lash lines. Coat lashes with lots of Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara in Black.”

  6. Charity

    Lol, what I’m trying to say is that the eyeshadow listed on website is different from the one in the catalog. I think it’s a typo because if you go online to the past catalogs


    and you click on the past issue, go to pages 2-3 and zoom in closely on the bottom….you’ll read the whole list of comestics they used to create the look. The hard copy of the catalog lists Nars Cream Eyeshadow in Cosmic Girl.

  7. The Beauty Bug

    Ahhh, The Beauty Bug gets you now Charity – thanks for clarifying!

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