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That’s what The Beauty Bug has encountered every time she’s tried to order the Boots No7 Restore and Renew Serum. What a circus this product has caused – FLYING off the shelves of Target and CVS. It’s turning into the new Bobbi Brown Chocolate palette and is all over EBAY. She even noticed one auction going for over $100. Known in the UK as ‘Protect and Perfect’, the supposed miracle serum was even featured on the TODAY Show yesterday.

The Beauty Bug will wait until all the buzz dies down to try it. She’s not about to paying ridiculous prices and get into a bidding war. It will soon be at the point where it will probably be easier, and cheaper just to fly to London and go to the source to get it!

Have you tried this new Beauty Serum?

4 Responses to This item is currently not available

  1. KS

    I love this product, been using it a few weeks now and am hooked. I better stock up.

  2. Lydia

    oooh…i got it for free. i know, i suck. so far (2 weeks in) so good. love it!

  3. Shannon

    lol–I also got it for free. And if you were a mom you could try to win it on my blog in July. But I know you are not (go adopt quick!)

    I did try it and review it–it is lovely. :)

  4. The Beauty Bug

    The Beauty Bug is just hoping that the product is better than their PR firm!

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