Summer Scrubbin’

Lately, The Beauty Bug has started off every day with some Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub. It really wakes Her up so She can be alert and ready to watch the Today Show and put off going to work She can get ready to start her day and go to work. The mint is especially refreshing on hot, humid summer days. And the Beauty Bug loves anything mint. In fact, She’s been known to go to multiple ice cream shops in one night (three or 4 to be exact) looking specifically for mint chocolate chip low-fat hard yogurt. She thanks her lucky stars that The Beauty Bug Boyfriend is so patient – but he’s used to her mint addiction by now. If only a PinkBerry would open up here in Boston…

The scrub is great for exfoliation – the Beauty Bug’s face has been a bit itchy lately (a telltale sign of dead/dry skin) and after a few mornings with this scrub and She’s feeling better. It’s a natural-fiber scrub that has a grainy consistency, but isn’t harsh or abrasive. The Beauty Bug makes sure She rubs it in circular motions all over Her face for at least two minutes.

Hey, if She can’t have mint chocolate low fat yogurt first thing in the morning, this is definitely the next best thing!

2 Responses to Summer Scrubbin’

  1. The Beauty Bug Boyfriend

    It’s true.

    I’m extremely patient (when it comes to trudging around Boston for the appropriate hard yogurt … it’s not difficult to be so).

  2. Catherine

    I have always adored Queen Helene’s stuff. I remember my mom using the Mint Julep mask when I was a kid, felt very grown up when I got to try it. Their Cocoa Butter moisturizer smells divine, better than other brands’ cocoa butter stuff, and is very effective aprés-plage.

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